Kraljevski tretman Srebrnom vodom

Royal Silver Water Treatment

Silver has served humanity for over six millennia. The first medical use of silver is recorded over 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia among the ancient Chaldeans. It was also used for the same purpose in Egypt, by the Phoenicians, ancient

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Naučne činjenice o koenzimu Q10

Scientific facts about coenzyme Q10

To explain what a coenzyme is, we first need to explain what enzymes are. Enzymes are proteins that are found in living cells and that lead to certain chemical changes. A coenzyme works with an enzyme to produce a certain

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Način delovanja srebra

How silver works

The mechanism of action of silver on a large number of health problems is the inhibition of the respiratory enzyme of the cell of the pathogenic microorganism. Silver acts as a catalyst, blocking certain enzymes that bacteria, viruses, and fungi

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Da li je tvoja koža zaista čista

Is your skin really clean?

Many women struggle with problematic facial skin or décolletage. Improper care is one of the most common causes of skin issues, alongside genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and stress. Unsuitable cosmetic products can clog pores. Hence, the beauty care products used

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