Colloidal silver possesses antimicrobial, antifungal and regenerative properties

Natural immunostimulant

Our COLLOID HEALTH line includes three Silver Water varieties. Family pack, containing two 500 ml bottles (15ppm), Premium Silver Water of 30 ppm and Silver Water of 15 ppm in a single packaging.

The 15 ppm colloidal silver solution eliminates pathogens and boosts the immune system. It is beneficial for infections and inflammations. It aids the regrowth of cells and regeneration of the body on the whole and has been proven to eliminate more than 650 pathogens. Recommended for boosting the immune system and overall wellness. It controls health issues caused by bacteria and other pathogens. It strikes an optimal pH balance. Suitable for all ages.

The 30 ppm colloidal silver solution features an antimicrobial effect many times faster than the 15 ppm colloidal silver solution.  It boosts the immune response, combats infections and inflammations.

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Ag+ – natural antibiotic

Silver in the colloidal form is the body’s most natural safeguard. Due to its chemical composition that contains submicroscopic silver clusters, it constitutes a genuine physical-chemical phenomenon. Silver sticks to the bacterial cell due to its positive charge, preventing bacterial division and reproduction. Silver nanoparticles’ antimicrobial effect manifests in three ways: directly, contacting with the cell membrane, metal ion release, and generating reactive oxygen species (ROS). What sets colloidal silver apart is that it “does not choose” which pathogen to attack, and its effectiveness has been proven on more than 650 pathogens.

The best choice for warding off many ailments

Silver has long been esteemed as a potent, full-body antibiotic and a defense against various health conditions. Backed by our collaborative research with prestigious institutes, we’ve confirmed that colloidal silver eradicates 99.9% of pathogens, serving as a natural defense mechanism. Additionally, silver provides antioxidant protection against stressors like toxins, UV radiation, pollution, smoking, and excessive alcohol.

Zeolit Duo Detox +

for complete detoxification of the body

The most powerful body detoxifier, with a high content of clinoptilolite (more than 87%), is a natural and non-toxic product that completely eliminates all poisons and waste products from the body. It helps the organism to defend itself and protect itself from poisonous particles, by binding them in its molecular structure. Activated zeolite absorbs all harmful substances in the body, and compared to other detoxifiers, its extraordinary advantage is reflected in the fact that together with all trapped poisons, it is excreted from the body in a short time through urine, stool and sweat. The package contains a bottle of 80 capsules and a bottle of 70 grams of zeolite powder.

The list of disorders, the treatment of which can be aided by silver, is actually non-exhaustive.

The unique power of 22 herbs that protect the heart and cardiovascular system

Circular herbal drops are a 100% natural product for oral use, based on extracts from 22 plants, acting on cardiovascular problems in the long term. In addition, they have a positive effect on liver function and the state of blood vessels, regulating metabolic processes and blood flow. They contain more than 200 balanced substances that quickly enter the bloodstream, providing a beneficial effect on arteries, capillaries and blood flow. The drops also normalize blood pressure, preventing problems such as thrombosis and atherosclerosis, and reducing inflammation and swelling.

Fast regeneration of painful joints

MATRIX Bodycode supplement provides long-term relief of ailments caused by degenerative changes in joints and bones. With regular use, joint stiffness is reduced, ligaments and tendons are strengthened, and tissue structural integrity is maintained. Active ingredients such as Glucosamine, Hondoitin, Methylsulfonylmethane, L-Arginine and L-Proline act synergistically in tissue regeneration, mitigating distortions, dislocations and injuries. Also, they stimulate the body’s natural ability to stop inflammatory processes in the bone-joint system.

Aid to regular routines for respiratory symptoms

The Silver Drop range, infused with colloidal silver and herbal extracts, is a powerful natural antibiotic for treating nasal conditions. Effective against pathogens on the nasal lining, it eases symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis, facilitating easier breathing and clearing congestion. This product acts quickly to reduce sneezing, runny nose, and breathlessness, while also stimulating the immune system and clearing allergens and infections. It encourages healing of the nasal mucosa affected by blockages. Available in five strengths, Silver Drop varieties include Sinalzan (with mint, sage, thyme, and ivy), versions with mint and eucalyptus, mint-sage-thyme, panthenol-propolis, and pure colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver-based products are an efficient alternative to antibiotics

Throat Spray

Innovative formula providing instant relief from respiratory infections

Silver ions and nanoparticles target mouth pathogens, and natural essential oils help clear mucus, soothe throat pain, and make coughing easier. The formula includes echinacea, mint, propolis, sage, and thyme oils, enriched with panthenol to coat and calm the throat, promoting healthy mucosa function and healing. These components provide relief from throat discomfort and soreness and ease swallowing, offering immediate pain alleviation.

It’s recommended for soothing throat pain from coughs and colds, preventing mouth inflammation, clearing infections, helping with breathing difficulties, and combating halitosis, suitable for individuals aged six and above.


Colloidal silver as oral protection

This antimicrobial mouthwash effectively eliminates mouth pathogens, combining colloidal silver with natural mint and sage oils, plus tea tree extract, to clear bacteria post-brushing and ensure fresh breath for up to 6 hours. Ideal for maintaining oral hygiene, whitening teeth, and preventing gingivitis, tongue issues, and various oral infections. Suitable for those over six years old.

Breath freshner

Fresh breath formula that really works

Bad breath, often caused by anaerobic bacteria producing sulfur compounds, affects over half of adults, particularly upon waking due to decreased saliva and microbial growth at night. Breath Freshener combats this with a natural blend of colloidal silver, mint, and fennel to neutralize odor and promote oral hygiene, resulting in fresh breath.