An intelligent solution for excessive sweating of the feet and fungal infections

An intelligent solution for excessive sweating of the feet and fungal infections

The unpleasant smell of feet disrupts daily habits and causes shame or fear in most people to take off their shoes. Besides the unpleasant odor, an additional problem is the moisture of the feet. This phenomenon is accompanied by perpetually cold and wet feet, which can also cause additional problems – BLISTERS AND FUNGI!

How to recognize fungi?

Fungi colonize the nails because they feed on keratin, the structural protein of nails. This infection is the most common nail disease and accounts for about half of all disorders that can affect the nail plate. People who are at higher risk for this fungal infection are those with circulation problems or who suffer from diabetes. Nail fungus will likely first appear if there has been damage to the nail. However, the most suitable ground for the reproduction of fungi is a moist environment. If you stay too long in shoes in which the foot sweats excessively, the risk of a fungal appearance is greater. Nail fungus is very persistent, and the infection tends to recur. Symptoms indicating a fungal infection include discoloration of the nail (to white, yellow, or brown), thickening and brittleness of the nail, dull and very fragile nails, unpleasant smell, flaking of the nail, separation of the nail plate from its bed.

If not treated in time, fungi cause a more severe form in which the nails begin to break and crumble, literally disintegrating. One of the more common phases is the separation of the nail from the surface. Namely, the fungus enters under the nail from the bottom and causes its lifting, and the nail can fall off within a few days. This process spreads, and under the nail, the remainder of the broken nail can be seen. In more severe forms, there can also be an inflammation of the flesh under the nail plate. If the fungal infection is not treated, it can cause an inflammatory process that lasts several weeks.

Fungal infections of the feet can occur in both children and adults. If a skin and/or nail fungal infection is not treated, there is a higher potential risk that other people will become infected – family members or people with whom we are in the swimming pool or gym. Therefore, it is important to start treating the fungal infection promptly.

Intelligent foot protection and care with silver ions and zeolite

FOOT SPRAY & FOOT POWDER (Foot Spray and Foot Powder) are intelligent technological innovations that use the power of silver ions and activated volcanic mineral zeolite to destroy fungi and bacteria and prevent unpleasant smells of feet and footwear. They act antiseptically, preventing the occurrence and development of common and persistent fungal infections of the feet and nails. The triple action of the foot spray and powder neutralizes unpleasant foot odors, reduces their sweating, and provides 24-hour protection from unpleasant smells.

Silver particles destroy more than 650 known microorganisms, including the most persistent fungi and bacteria that settle on the surface of the foot’s skin.

With their extraordinary properties, silver ions act on the formation of unpleasant foot odors and prevent the appearance of athlete’s foot. Colloidal silver, the strongest natural antibiotic, and activated volcanic mineral zeolite, as the strongest antioxidant and detoxifier, are the most reliable allies in the fight against unwanted microorganisms that inhabit and infect the skin surface. Ingredients (silver ions and zeolite) penetrate quickly through the skin, eliminate skin infections, and provide a pleasant and lasting sensation of freshness. Since preventing unpleasant foot odors presupposes removing the bacteria that cause it, it is recommended to apply the spray and powder several times a day to dry and clean feet, footwear, or socks.

It is important to emphasize that silver ions form an invisible electrostatic film on the skin’s surface, providing long-term protection against pathogens that settle on its surface, while zeolite deeply cleans the skin and removes toxic substances and dead cells. By using both products together, the journey to healthy feet is faster and shorter.