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Nanotechnology is changing the world

Matching science, engineering and nanotechnology, we manufacture and develop colloidal silver-based products. Nanotechnology is the most advanced technology available today and the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow, ushering the process of creating and designing new materials into the realm of the nano dimension. Using atomic precision, free from any micro-imperfections, we have designed a range of products with enviable qualities, belonging to a generation of smart products! Our colloidal silver-based products have become the go-to for users interested in protecting their health, boosting immunity and skin care.

16 years of experience

In recent years, KOLOID has earned the esteem and trust of users who have come to realise that caring about overall wellness and beauty using natural products is the best way of healing and preserving beauty and longevity. All our products are scientifically based and supported by empirical evidence.

International standards

We place particular emphasis on assuring the quality of each product lot. Koloid operates according to and holds internationally recognised certification for the ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, GMP and HACCP standards.

Our production facility comprises several production units. Our production line features automated and semi-automated units, supervised by our experts.