We employ smart innovations, using ultrasound to permanently integrate colloidal silver and zeolite clinoptilolite for medical purposes

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Colloidal silver as an indoor aerosol disinfectant

When it comes to innovative technologies, Koloid is an example of good practice because, since its move into the world of robotics, it has incorporated AI into indoor aerosol disinfection mobile robots. This encompasses all frequently visited public areas (hospitals, out-patient clinics, schools, universities, kindergartens, airports, hotels) with the end goal of permanently protecting people and surfaces from pathogens using indoor aerosol disinfection. The robot uses patented COLLOID technology – colloidal silver, with an almost one hundred per cent efficiency rate in eliminating countless pathogens.

Ultrasonic Vehicle Disinfection Device and Home Care Indoor Disinfection Device (for flats and offices)

Ultrasonic Vehicle Disinfection Device and Home Care Indoor Disinfection Device (for flats and offices)

Other technological advancements also employing patented COLLOID® technology are the ultrasound disinfection device for cabins, ventilation and A/C systems in vehicles (cars, vans, etc.), and the indoor disinfection device (for flats, houses). Both devices pristinely disinfect pathogen-infested areas. The liquid (colloidal silver) driving the ultrasonic devices is registered as a biocide with the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

Intelligent Product Generation

Applying the 'Intelligent Product Generation' concept, Koloid is dedicated to promoting the revolution of business efficiency in nanotechnology and creating added value for our users.

That colloidal silver has a demonstrated efficacy in eliminating and neutralising pathogens has also been validated by the findings of tests conducted by our pharmacists, MDs, professors, chemists, and Koloid’s partner experts at the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Science, the Medical School (Public Health Institute Kragujevac), and the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade. The findings prove conclusively that exposure to emitted colloidal silver kills up to 99.9 % of pathogens.

In keeping abreast of scientific and high-tech trends, Koloid employs state-of-the-art technological advancements to ensure the highest service standards, thereby creating, as it has to date, a wide range of biomedical materials that provide the necessary comprehensive protection.

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