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Zeolite – the stone of life

Constant drowsiness, fatigue and low energy is a sure sign that it is high time we cleanse our bodies to restore energy and boost health.

Zeolite is the most potent natural detoxifier, antioxidant and immune system safeguard. It aids the body’s effective defence against toxic particles by trapping them in its molecular structure and flushing them out unhindered. Preventive use of zeolite for human use is the most effective form of relief for the immune system – the guardian of our health.

What is Zeolite duo detox+?

A special zeolite formula with a highly beneficial effect. It has found its place as a full body detoxifier, tackling a wide range of disorders, including skin disorders. Zeolite duo detox+ affects the ability of the immune system to counter infections and dramatically reduces the level of free radicals because it removes heavy metals from the body.

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Owing to its dual effect, Zeolite duo detox+ (powder and capsules)
facilitates full body detoxification.

Zeolite powder – a mineral with a potent antioxidant property

Zeolite powder is used to detoxify the upper digestive tract, from the mouth to the colon, potently reducing free radical levels in the body. Highly pure zeolite detoxifies the body, creating healthy conditions for intaking nutrients and flushing out metabolic decomposition products from cells. Zeolite powder, taken orally, shields against the detrimental effect of toxins (organic and chemical). Using zeolite clinoptilolite is based on biophysical properties and ion exchange properties, where the gastrointestinal tract already binds 40% of heavy metals, while 60% of toxins are bound in the bloodstream on the cellular level. This body cleansing boosts the immune system and remineralizes damaged cells.

Silicate mineral in capsules for potent detox treatment

As the most potent natural detoxifier, antioxidant and immune system safeguard, it is used for lower digestive tract treatment. Activated zeolite absorbs harmful substances, boosts the immune system, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, help regulate blood sugar and lipid levels …. . It is a potent adsorbent of bacterial toxins, mycotoxins and other impurities that may cause ailments.

Zeolite Duo Detox + – for full body detoxification

The most potent body detoxifier, with a high clinoptilolite content (more than 87%), is a natural and non-toxic product that flushes out all toxins and waste products. It aids the body’s effective defence against toxic particles by trapping them in its molecular structure. Activated zeolite absorbs all harmful substances, and compared with other detoxifiers, its remarkable advantages lie in its ability to rapidly flush out alongside all captured toxins through urine, stool or sweat. The packaging contains a tub with 80 capsules and a 70 g tub of zeolite powder.