Colloid natural preparations with silver ions serve multiple protection.


Focused on the concept of natural ingredients, using silver ions as the base, our home cleaning product range provides all-natural full protection and reliable defence against contaminants and pathogens.

Although it is considered that natural means have a weaker effect compared to modern (chemical) cleaning agents, practice says the opposite – they and how they do their job.

Air-conditioner cleaner

Antibacterial formula with silver ions for clean air at home and in the office

Air-conditioner cleaner is a protective agent ranked among one of the state-of-the-art technological innovations in health protection in air-conditioned spaces. Silver particles are proactive, linger on the A/C filter, disinfecting it, destroying the harmful microbes, and preventing the spread of new ones. This protects the air-conditioned indoor air against common pathogens. It is also recommended for neutralising indoor cigarette smoke owing to its natural and aromatherapeutic properties.