Silver dew

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For immaculate skin hygiene and disinfection


Silver Dew for skin hygiene and disinfection with silver and zeolite particles, fortified with hydrogen peroxide, is the most potent natural antibiotic and the most reliable ally in combatting unwanted microorganisms that inhabit and infect the skin. Silver Dew is active against vegetative forms of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is particularly efficient in combating the spread of ‘dirty hands’ diseases (bacterial or viral infections).


It is exceptionally effective against the flu epidemic as by harnessing the power of silver ions and zeolite it rapidly disinfects the skin and prevents the infection and its spread by doing so..


On application, the bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties of Silver Dew take effect immediately against all viruses and bacteria, including the influenza virus. Silver Dew is most effective at protecting and disinfecting the skin when the hands are first washed with soap, rinsed with water, then sprayed with Silver Dew and left to dry.





Silver – how it works

Silver is the most reliable ally in combatting unwanted microorganisms that inhabit our skin impairing its health. Spraying Silver Dew on your skin allows silver ions (99.99 Ag+ purity) to leave a deep and lasting effect, destroying all lingering microbes.



The effect of silver against so many pathogens is reflected in the inhibition of a pathogen cell’s respiratory enzyme. Silver acts as a catalyst blocking certain enzymes that bacteria, viruses and fungi use in their metabolism, causing these pathogens to be deprived of oxygen and food and to decay. It happens so fast and so effectively that no microorganism can mutate or become resistant. At the same time, our tissue cells remain intact as their oxygen supply mechanism is totally different to that employed by bacteria.

Zeolite’s disinfecting power:

Uloga zeolit klinoptilolita u Srebrnoj rosi temelji se na njegovim specifičnim biofizikalnim svojstvima i svojstvu jonske izmene, koji omogućava proces remineralizacije oštećenih ćelija kože, vršeći pri tome njihovu prirodnu detoksikaciju. Zeolit klinoptilolit podleže procesu jedinstvene tribo-mehaničke mikronizacije i aktivacije, a dodatkom jona srebra njihova se lekovita svojstva multipliciraju.

Zeolit poseduje izuzetno lekovito dejstvo i svoju primenu je pronašao u detoksikaciji celokupnog organizma, kao i u tretiranju širokog dijapazona oboljenja, uključujući i kožna.  Imajući u vidu da su čestice zeolita i čestice srebra veličine mikrona, ova karakteristika dodatno povećava njihov ad-sorpcioni kapacitet.

Zeolit dolazi do najdubljih slojeva ćelije, čime sprečava poguban uticaj toksina (organskih i hemijskih), pre svega od teških metala i to sa sa stoprocentnom efikasnošću.


The role of zeolite clinoptilolite in Silver Dew is based on its specific biophysical properties and ion exchange, allowing a simultaneous process of remineralising damaged skin cells, while naturally detoxifying them. Zeolite clinoptilolite undergoes unique tribomechanical micronisation and activation, and the addition of silver ions boosts the medicinal properties.


Zeolite has a major medicinal effect and is used to detoxify the entire body, and treat a range of conditions, including skin conditions. Given that zeolite particles and silver particles are micron-sized, this property adds to their adsorption capacity.



Zeolite reaches deep into cells, preventing the damaging effect of toxins (organic and chemical), above all of heavy metals, and with a 100% efficacy no less.

Role played by Hydrogen Peroxide

Owing to its oxidative properties, it is highly efficient against bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi as a potent disinfectant. Hydrogen Peroxide is a ‘secret medicine’ and potent antioxidant, it eliminates hypoxia (deprivation of oxygen) by preventing bacteria from multiplying on the skin.


Spraying Silver Dew on the hands and skin is effective against more than 650 bacteria and viruses, such as infections caused by E. Coli, Coxsackievirus, HIV virus, Hepatitis, Staphylo- and Streptococci, Syphilis and many viral infections. Recent medical research has shown that more than 80% of the most severe diseases are infectious.


Silver Dew also effectively treats herpes, a viral infection manifested in primary and secondary stages and indicated by the formation of painful sores. The main cause of all strains of herpes is a weakened immune system. To prevent herpes from moving into the secondary stage, which is much harder to treat, we recommend regular use of Silver Dew for skin protection and disinfection.


Ingredients: Colloidal Silver, Zeolite, Hydrogen Peroxide.

Broad application of Silver Dew for disinfection

In addition to skin protection and disinfection, Silver Dew can also be used to disinfect items we often use. You can use Silver Dew to clean your mobile phone, hearing aid, spectacle frame, comb or computer keyboard. Spray it on pillows, linen, covers, handkerchiefs and blankets. Spray the room you are in to freshen up the air and get rid of airborne pathogens. Spray Silver Dew to dampen kitchen cloths, cutting boards, towels, bathroom tiles and eliminate all bacteria. Silver Dew spray is also suitable for disinfecting carpets, curtains, floor mats, wall-to-wall carpets or upholstered furniture…

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