Silver Dew 150ml

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Silver Dew soothes and hydrates your skin providing the optimal pH balance. The powerful drops of Silver Dew eliminate all hosts of viruses, fungi and bacteria inhabiting the surface of the skin. It is recommended for daily facial hygiene, disinfection of hands, cuts, scrapes and burns, and it can also be used for pet care.

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History and How it works



Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and the most reliable ally in combating the unwanted microorganisms inhabiting and causing infections on the surface of the skin. Owing to its form and state-of-the-art technology, the good news of the benefits of silver travels fast. Silver Dew’s main strength as a product is the fusion of the knowledge and skills of the ancient past and 21st century technological innovations. All underpinned by 99.99% pure silver.


How it works


A multipurpose preparation, specifically intended for the elimination of viruses, fungi and bacteria from the surface of the skin. Silver Dew soothes and hydrates your skin providing the optimal pH balance. The powerful drops of Silver Dew eliminate all hosts of viruses, fungi and bacteria inhabiting the surface of the skin. It is recommended for daily facial hygiene, disinfection of hands, cuts, scrapes and burns, and it can also be used for pet care.




– Disinfection of Hands

It is well known that microorganisms are transmitted onto the skin direct from the air, as well as by physical contact (bus handles, door knobs in public buildings, money handling, handshaking, etc.).

The regular spraying of Silver Dew over the surface of the hands will result in silver particles lingering on the skin and disinfecting it by destroying microorganisms and preventing the growth of new ones. This is a sure way to protect yourself from infections and contagions we encounter regularly. Keep it to hand at all times for rapid application.


Dry and Sensitive Skin

Spray the solution to hydrate your skin and make it healthier. It is ideal as makeup foundation, which may also be removed later by the spray, offering the best antibacterial skin protection. After only several sprays your skin becomes soft and silky. When Silver Dew is used as facial wash, silver ions form an invisible electrostatic mask blocking the accumulation of particles such as smog or dust, keeping your skin healthy, clean and attractive.

Daily use of spray also aids in fighting acne. The spray has an antiseptic effect and the power of silver prevents new acne from developing. Its secret lies in the deep subcutaneous penetration where it has maximum effect. Beautiful and healthy skin is a MUST to be pursued for the rest of our lives.


Silver has optical properties as regards refraction.

In addition to softening your skin, silver gives it a natural illumination and cleanliness, as a result of refraction due to exposure to light.

This is also true of NANO Day Cream and NANO Night Cream.



Dry and Lifeless Hair

An unbalanced diet, bad weather, psychosomatic disorders and other disorders have a considerable effect on the appearance and quality of hair. When sprayed on the hair to combat seborrhea and dandruff, Silver Dew boosts the hair growth. Use Silver Dew to make your hair strong, healthy and soft.


Skin Infections and Rashes

Very few people have never in their lives suffered from some form of skin infection, or at least a rash. The reasons for these conditions are numerous and often unknown even to doctors. It is believed they are linked to eating habits, low immune system, but also to the inevitable microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) which are suspected of being potential causes of these disorders. Against this background, it is desirable to use Silver Dew on a regular basis, as its antibacterial properties and ability to quickly penetrate the skin will efficiently clear up skin infections and rashes.



Herpes is a viral infection with a primary and secondary phase, and manifests itself in the form of small painful blisters. Herpes is primarily linked to a low immune system. In order to prevent the secondary phase of herpes, more difficult to treat, we recommend that you use Silver Dew regularly.


Foot Odour

The microorganisms causing foot odours are not easy to beat. Science pretentiously tries to explain why we have to face this unpleasant phenomenon in the first place, which not only affects self-confidence, but it also curbs the social life of an individual. Excessive sweating and bad foot odour will literally disappear if they are regularly sanitized using Silver Dew. It is enough to spray your feet, shoes or socks several times a day and leave them to dry. Any attempt to get rid of foot odour will indeed be vain if you fail to take good care of their hygiene in order to minimize the count of microorganisms.


Skin Irritation after Waxing

For women, waxing of the upper lip, armpits, legs and private parts is most often quite an unpleasant experience. However, it is an integral part of hygienic and aesthetic habits. In addition to being painful, waxing often results in allergic reactions such as itching or redness. To relieve these effects, it is recommended to use the spray before and after waxing – the skin in such places will become smooth and soft.


Irritation Caused by Shaving

For most men, shaving is an every-day necessity which often results in facial skin redness and scrapes. As it is the case with waxing, shaving may trigger allergic reactions the consequences of which will be largely neutralised by Silver Dew. Even the coarsest male skin will give off an air of health and freshness owing to regular use of the spray.


Private Parts

Hygiene of the private parts, as well as protection against the effects of fungi and bacteria will be improved owing to regular use of Silver Dew.

Recommended for

Recommended for:


Disinfection of hands, scrapes, shaving cuts, burns, numerous skin disorders and infections (acne, itching, eczema, fungal infections of the feet, skin flaking, etc.). Silver Dew is a gatekeeper of our health – a defence mechanism against all hosts of viruses, fungi and bacteria, which detract from our health and beauty on a daily basis. The spray is both antiseptic and antioxidant.


Silver Dew’s benefits in treating skin problems will be soon noticeable. Use on dry and irritated skin in need of hydration.

Additional Application

Additional Application


Use Silver Dew to clean your phone, hearing aid, spectacle frame, comb or computer keyboard. Spray it on pillows, linen, covers, handkerchiefs and blankets. Spray the room you are in to freshen up the air and get rid of airborne pathogens. Spray over kitchen cloths, cutting boards, towels, bathroom tiles and eliminate all types of bacteria. Silver Dew spray is also suitable for disinfection of carpets, curtains, floor mats, wall-to-wall carpets or upholstered furniture…


Let your imagination and creativity devise new ways of applying Silver Dew and share them with us. We are happy to publish them on our website.

Silver Dew and Pets

Silver Dew and Pets


Vets recommend Silver Dew in the treatment of pets. Spray your pet and its sleeping place from time to time to remove any harmful microorganisms from its hair, in particular after being outside where it could have come into contact with other animals or contaminated areas and brought in an infection. Silver Dew is efficient in treating skin infections and ear infections in dogs which may be quite unpleasant both for pets and for their owners.

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