Foot spray

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Foot spray –Intelligent zeolite and silver ion formula for healthy and fresh feet, Neutralises foot sweat and odour

Colloid cosmetics product line for clean and fresh feet includes Foot Powder i Foot spray, for permanent skin protection against pathogens that inhabit the feet.

Our antibacterial and hypoallergenic FOOT SPRAY boasts an intelligent innovative technology, harnessing the power of silver ions and activated volcanic mineral zeolite to destroy all fungi and bacteria, preventing foot and footwear odours.
It has an antiseptic effect and prevents the onset and development of frequent and persistent fungal infections of the feet and nails. The triple action of FOOT SPRAY neutralises foot odours, reduces sweating of the feet and offers day-long protection against odours. Owing to their extraordinary antibacterial properties, silver ions are active against the formation of odours and prevent the onset of athlete’s foot. Colloidal silver, the most potent natural antibiotic, and the activated volcanic mineral zeolite, as the most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, are the most reliable allies in combatting unwanted microorganisms that inhabit and infect the skin.

 Activated volcanic mineral Zeolite detoxifies the epidermis and efficiently treats fungal nail and skin infections

Silver particles destroy more than 650 known pathogens, including the most persistent fungi and bacteria that inhabit the feet!



What is onychomycosis?

What is onychomycosis?


If you have heard of onychomycosis, then you have most probably experienced this quite unpleasant problem. It is unpleasant most of all because it is accompanied by foot odour. What’s important is that it is treatable and leaves no lasting effects on the nails. Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail plate that may be caused by dermatophytes, Candida or other fungi. It is a fungal nail infection, prevalent in toenails and fingernails. It is one of the most prevalent nail infections and manifests as:


  • nail discolouration, early stage,
  • nail chipping, middle stage
  • nail falling off, late stage.

Toenails are naturally more susceptible to changes or diseases than fingernails. It is probably so because we pay much more attention to hands, while forgetting about toenails, especially in winter time. FOOT SPRAY targets and effectively treats all problems caused by fungal nail and foot infections.

On contact with the feet, silver ions create an invisible electrostatic emulsion, blocking deposits of particles such as smog or dust. This allows the feet to remain healthy, clean and odour-free.


Problems caused by bacteria

Problems caused by bacteria


Fungal infections are very frequent and affect around 20% of the global population. It is fungi that are often the cause of skin changes, in particular between the toes and in skin folds. Correct and timely treatment can completely cure fungi.

Delaying treatment of fungal infections may only make the problem harder as the infection may spread, become more manifest, uncomfortable and much more difficult and expensive to treat. If a fungal infection of the skin and/or nails is not treated, there is an increased potential risk of other people getting infected – family members or people we meet at the pool or gym. That is why it is essential to start treating a fungal infection timely.




FOOT SPRAY formula containing colloidal silver and activated volcanic mineral Zeolite

effectively treats fungal nail and skin infections, including persistent sweaty feet, giving the sense of lasting freshness




Fungal foot infections may affect children and adults alike. There  are several strains of these pathogens that may cause a fungal foot infection, the most prevalent being:








Symptoms indicative of a fungal infection are:


  • Nail discolouration (to white, yellow or brown)
  • Nail thickening or brittleness
  • No shine and easily breaking nails
  • Foul smell
  • Nail chipping
  • Nail plate detaching from nail bed




A one-of-a-kind mix of Zeolite and silver ion particles is the most up-to-date technological advancement that successfully combats skin infections and nail disorders

How to use

How to use


Directions: Apply the powder several times a day, especially in the evening to clean and dry feet and between the toes. After application, put on socks and go to bed. Pour the powder generously into you footwear. Place your footwear in a plastic bag and keep it sealed for 24 hours. Then, shake to remove the powder leaving your footwear is ready, clean and fresh.




Zeolite, Silver Ions, Eucalyptus.