Foot powder

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Antibacterial zeolite & silver ions Foot powder

FOOT POWDER has an antiseptic effect and prevents the onset and development of frequent and persistent fungal infections of the feet and nails. The triple action of FOOT POWDER neutralises foot odours, reduces sweating of the feet and offers day-long protection against odours. Owing to their extraordinary antibacterial properties, silver ions are active against the formation of odours and prevent the onset of athlete’s foot. Colloidal silver, the most potent natural antibiotic, and the activated volcanic mineral zeolite, as the most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, are the most reliable allies in combatting unwanted microorganisms that inhabit and infect the skin. Harnessing their antibacterial properties, silver and zeolite ions rapidly penetrate the skin, remove skin infections, leaving the feet with a pleasant, neutral and lasting fresh smell.

Activated volcanic mineral Zeolite detoxifies the epidermis and efficiently treats fungal nail and skin infections!

As the prevention of foot odours implies the removal of bacteria causing them, we recommend that you apply FOOT POWDER several times a day to dry and clean feet, footwear or socks.

Colloid cosmetics product line for clean and fresh feet includes Foot Powder i Foot spray, for permanent skin protection against pathogens that inhabit the feet.


Sweaty feet and fungal infections... Can it be stamped out?

Sweaty feet and fungal infections…

Can it be stamped out?


Sweaty feet can be quite unpleasant. Daily foot care is a must and should not be shirked. When the feet sweat they are wet and more often than not give off an odour even with socks on. The odour interferes with daily activities and leaves most people feeling embarrassed or apprehensive about taking off their shoes. What is worrisome is the fact that the odour cannot be masked and the longer the shoes are on the worse it gets.

Another problem, in addition to the odour, is wet feet and immersion foot syndrome. This condition arises when the feet are constantly cold and wet, which can cause another issue – blisters and fungi.

One thing needs to be made clear though. In high temperatures our body perspires and it is natural to have sweaty hands and feet, but if the feet sweat throughout the year whether or not it is hot or cold, then the problem should be resolved differently and the cause identified.



Silver particles destroy more than 650 known pathogens, including the most persistent fungi and bacteria that inhabit the feet




Zeolite, Silver Ions, Eucalyptus.

How to use

How to use


Apply the powder several times a day, especially in the evening to clean and dry feet and between the toes. After application, put on socks and go to bed. Pour the powder generously into your footwear. Place your footwear in a plastic bag and keep it sealed for 24 hours. Then, shake to remove the powder leaving your footwear ready, clean and fresh.